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Scripted enables your local pharmacist to assess, prescribe, and fill medications for common treatments and conditions without you having to go to the doctor.

With Scripted we can currently offer the following prescription treatment services

What to expect with during a Scripted visit

  1. Complete a self-assessment on your phone to determine eligibility
  2. A pharmacist will have a 1:1 consultation with you
  3. If appropriate, the pharmacist will provide you a prescription and fill it in the same visit

About the Pharmacy

Corner Drug is a full-service independent pharmacy in Driggs, ID. We have been the local pharmacy of choice in Driggs since 1906 and provide a wide variety of services beyond conventional prescription filling. Our unique, and beautiful shop will keep you occupied while our expert pharmacists work to meet your pharmaceutical needs. Our wide range of medical, healthcare, cosmetic, and home essentials will make Corner Drug your one-stop-shop. Come by today and let Corner Drug take care of you.

Pharmacy Location

10 South Main St Driggs, ID, 83422

Other pharmacy services that we offer

Pharmacy Staff Information

Sally Myler, PharmD

Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Idaho State University, Owner, Pharmacist since 2002. Sally grew up in independent retail pharmacy as her father is also a pharmacist and owned three stores. Sally started off washing the cups and glasses from the soda fountain where she was trained in other aspects of retail operations. Sally’s ancestors were among the first pioneers in the valley, including the Driggs family.

Sally Myler, PharmD

Doctor of Pharmacy from Idaho State University, Staff Pharmacist since 2013.

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