For Pharmacists

For Pharmacies

The future is here: It's time to grow your business.

Scripted is a revolutionary cloud-based platform that empowers pharmacists to administer and prescribe common tests and treatments. 

Join the hundreds of pharmacists practicing at the top of their profession by partnering with Scripted today!

Pharmacist Prescriptive Authority

Scripted provides pharmacies with:

A new business model

Dispensing isn’t cutting it. Scripted enables your pharmacy to provide new on-demand, high-frequency, and high margin cognitive services.

Stronger, healthier communities

Join the growing number of pharmacists who want to do more for their patients. Leveraging Scripted is a convenient way for you to offer patients accessible care the same-day, with no doctor visit or insurance needed.

A pharmacist-made solution

Our team has done the heavy lifting to streamline clinical protocols and guidelines into a digital experience so that you feel confident offering new cognitive services. Your pharmacy can quickly launch new cognitive services, without disrupting your workflow.

We're here to help


Tools to help you succeed

Book appointments, document visits, bill for cognitive services, and coordinate with the primary care provider with ease. Scripted makes it easy for you to get started.


Clinically-tested support

You have a clinical team of physicians and pharmacists behind you that provide best-in-class, evidenced-based protocols to support your needs.


Regulatory Guidance

We take care of state pharmacy regulations and incorporate guidance from boards of pharmacy to target services that you are able to provide to your patients.

How to get started

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Let us learn about your unique pharmacy needs and discuss how Scripted can help.

Scripted Onboarding & Training

Join as a partner pharmacy and receive access to clinical education resources and Scripted-specific training to help your staff become comfortable offering services to your patients.

Start providing care

Provide affordable and accessible care for your community, and grow your business.

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