Protocol for Pharmacist Prescriptive Authority for treatment of Herpes simplex labialis

Several states have recently passed legislation that allows pharmacists prescriptive authority for Herpes simplex labialis.  Some states have protocols in place; others do not.  Current best practices are based upon clinical research and summarized in a 2010 paper by the AAFP.32.  Our recommendations consider the currently available best practices with protocols developed by specific state boards of pharmacy and pharmacy or medical organizations when available.


To exercise prescriptive authority, patients must be screened, and those who are low-risk are eligible for prescriptive authority.  Inclusion criteria are the conditions necessary to proceed with prescriptive authority.  Exclusion criteria indicate the patient has conditions that place them into a higher risk level and should be referred to a physician.  Please check with your state board to see if their guidelines are in unity with our recommendations.

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