Protocol for Pharmacist Prescriptive Authority for Erectile Dysfunction

Numerous online services provide ED medication, including HIMS and Get Roman.  We believe that pharmacists are uniquely positioned to deliver treatment services for erectile dysfunction for low-risk patients in their local communities.  Current best practices for ED treatment revolve around the American Urology Guidelines.1  Low-risk patients are defined by the AHA position statement on cardiac health and sexual activity.  Our recommendations consider the guidelines developed by medical professional organizations, protocols developed by state boards of pharmacy, pharmacy organizations, and clinical research when available.


To exercise prescriptive authority, patients must be screened, and those who are low risk are eligible for prescriptive authority.  Inclusion criteria are the conditions necessary to proceed with prescriptive authority.  Exclusion criteria indicate the patient has conditions that place them into a higher risk criterion and should be referred to a physician.  Please check with your state board to see if their guidelines are consistent with these recommendations.

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