• Sun exposure is a known trigger for recurrence of infection. Applying sunscreen before UV exposure can decrease rates of 12
  • Surgical interventions can increase the risk of recurrence
    • 50-70% of patients with prior history of HSV infection will experience recurrence after trigeminal nerve decompression or facial dermabrasion.13 Dental extraction carries a 10-15% chance of 14 Prophylaxis for trigeminal nerve decompression and facial dermabrasion is recommended, but the optimal dose and duration are not known.15
  • Healthcare workers
    • GlovesshouldbeusedwhileexaminingpatientswithsuspectedHSV
  • Sexual Transmission
    • Patients should be counseled that transmission can occur during oral sex with active oral lesions, causing genital ulcers in their partners.16 There are no studies on condoms decreasing the risk of transmission with HSV-1; however, there is evidence of decreased risk with HSV-2.17
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