Personal protection strategies include checking for ticks after outdoor activities, removing found ticks, bathing after outdoor activities in endemic areas (within 2 hours), using a dryer on clothes worn after outdoor activities on high heat for 10 minutes, using tick repellant like DEET, coating clothes in permethrin, wearing dark colors, wearing protective clothing (long sleeves, gloves, and pants), and avoiding tick laden areas.

According to the EPA, DEET, and picaridin can also be applied to clothing or exposed skin for prophylaxis.  The CDC recommends products containing 50% DEET 22. The IDSA also recommends the use of oil of lemon eucalyptus, PMD (the active ingredient in oil of lemon eucalyptus), permethrin, ethyl amino-propionate, and 2-undecanone.31

Other strategies that have been employed with varying levels of efficacy include reservoir control and landscaping measures to decrease the suitable habitat for ticks.

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