Jet Nebulizers

An air compressor or pressurized gas source is necessary for operation. The DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide compressor is a popular brand because it is frequently used in clinical trials of nebulizer effectiveness. The compressor creates a jet of driving gas generating a low-pressure field above the reservoir of medication.  The solution is pulled into the gas stream, which shears it into a thin liquid film.  This film breaks down into the droplets due to surface tension.   The baffle prevents inhalation of large medication droplets and ensures the formation of proper-sized, respirable particles.  In order to be efficacious, jet nebulizers require a flow rate of 6-8L/min.  Conventional jet nebulizers have low efficiency because of lost output during normal exhalation.  Also, 90% of the aerosolized droplets become trapped in the baffle or other internal structures.  Lastly, jet nebulizers produce a continuous flow rate resulting in inefficiency and drug wasting.  Enhanced jet nebulizers have been created to address these inadequacies.

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