Inclusion Criteria

Patients who are low risk for cardiovascular disease who can exercise with no to minimal cardiac symptoms. Also includes men who have had diagnosed with CVD and have gone through successful revascularization processes such as coronary artery stenting, coronary bypass graft, men who have controlled asymptomatic hypertension, and low-grade heart failures (NY Heart Association Class I and 2)


Low risk: No testing necessary, and ED treatment can be given.

  • Asymptomatic, controlled hypertension
  • Successful coronary revascularization
  • Mild valvular disease
  • Left ventricular dysfunction/heart failure New York Heart Association (NYHA) classes I and II but can achieve five metabolic equivalents (METs) without ischemia on exercise testing
    • 5 METS is approximately equivalent to mowing the lawn with a hand lawn mower, casual bicycling, dancing, gardening, carpentry, carrying 25-49 lbs, brisk pace walking (one mile every 15 min).
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