Aerosol Properties

The caliber of the aerosolized particles is extremely important for drug efficacy. Aerosol particles are categorized by their mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD), which in turn directs their site of delivery.  MMAD is a calculation of the median diameter around which the mass of the aerosol is evenly divided.  Particles with a MMAD less than 0.8 micrometers generally are exhaled.  Particles with a MMAD of 0.8-2 micrometers are optimal for alveolar deposition, which occurs mainly due to gravitational forces. For aerosolized drugs to ultimately be absorbed into the bloodstream, they must efficiently deposit in the alveoli.  Particles with a MMAD between 2-5 micrometers are optimal for deposition in the tracheobronchial tree, which occurs largely by inertia.  Particles with a MMAD greater than 5 mm are likely to deposit in the oropharynx.,

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