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Pharmacy-driven care made easy.

Scripted is a cloud-based platform that empowers pharmacists to prescribe for common tests & treatments. 

Pharmacists have always been trusted healthcare professionals, but with Scripted they can now provide care

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Scripted provides pharmacies with:

A new business model

Dispensing isn’t cutting it. With Scripted, your pharmacy can begin prescribing to your patients immediately. Scripted enables your pharmacy to provide new services at higher margins than dispensing.

Stronger, healthier communities

Scripted is the solution for the growing number of pharmacists who want to do more for their patients. Leveraging Scripted is a convenient way for you to offer patients accessible care the same-day, with no doctor visit or insurance needed.

A pharmacist-made solution

Local pharmacies can use Scripted to quickly launch new prescribing services, without disrupting their current workflow. Our team has done the heavy lifting to streamline clinical protocols and guidelines into a digital experience so that you feel confident to offer new clinical services.

We're here to help


Tools to help you succeed

Our tools make it easy for you to interact with your patients, document a visit, and coordinate with a patient’s primary care provider when necessary.


Clinically-tested support

Our clinical team of physicians and pharmacists have provided best-in-class evidenced based 

medical practices to support your needs.


Regulatory Guidance

We research state pharmacy regulations and coordinate with boards of pharmacy to understand what services you are able to provide to your patients.

How to get started


Sign Up

Request a demo and create an account.


Choose your services

Select from a list of clinical services that you can begin offering to your patients.


Start providing care

Provide affordable and accessible care for your community, and grow your business.

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